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Commercial & Leasing
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  • Type of Business
  • Faux floral or greenery
  • Placement of Design
  • Upscale or Casual

A faux botanical arrangement can enrich almost any type of business. Is there a customer service lounge? A reception desk? A meeting room? A blank wall needing color? Anywhere in the office a client would go is an opportunity to impress and make them feel welcome. 

It is up to the client what type of arrangement they prefer: a faux floral design, a mix of faux and preserved greenery, or a combination of both. If the room itself is bland, faux florals can add a bright color pop that livens up the space. For a more masculine look, orchids or tropical flowers provide a beautiful yet manlier display. For a softer look, a mix of faux and preserved greenery might be what is needed. By mixing dried, natural and faux botanical greenery, the arrangement can be an eye-catching design in gentler tones. 

The size of the design is dictated by where it will be displayed. For example, if the arrangement is going to be a centerpiece in the middle of a boardroom table, it should be no taller than 8-10 inches. This is important so the arrangement doesn’t interfere with conversation. Another important factor regarding size is reach. Wherever the arrangement is placed, it should never have any stem part that touches a client or staff member when they walk by it. The feeling is similar to walking through a spider web and can undo all the welcome and warmth it was meant to convey. A right sized arrangement is the best way to instill the uplifting feeling it was meant to inspire.

The business personality determines whether a casual or upscale arrangement is best suited for that office. The big difference is in the materials. In an upscale design everything from the container, to the selection of preserved, faux botanicals, and shape of design needs to reflect high-end luxury. An upscale, high-end design needs to enhance the overall décor and ambiance. If the overall theme is rustic luxury, then the design needs to encompass materials that complement this image. For a casual office the materials can be whimsical, like using a fun colored cookie tin as the container and adding dragonflies or butterflies for a bit of humor. The main thing to keep in mind is the arrangement is a design element that should always work with the existing décor while working its own eye-catching magic. A place of business can truly impress a client with the right sized, right styled, faux botanical arrangement.

  • Platinum Leasing Defined
  • Leasing Benefits
  • Leasing vs. Purchase
  • Contract requirements

Synergy in Silk’s Platinum Leasing Service is similar to a long rental program. But where rental brings to mind used chairs, tables, linens, etc. Synergy in Silk’s lease service provides a brand new arrangement, crafted specifically for the client, designed in the colors and materials to enhance the client’s décor, and to fit perfectly in the client’s space. Also a rental is usually for a short period of time. The Platinum Lease program is for one year, with new arrangements delivered each quarter to coincide with the changing seasons.

One great benefit of leasing is that it’s easy. Upfront we discuss where the design will be seated, take size measurements, make notes on color and décor, and understand client expectations. Then, the client sits back and enjoys the décor. Synergy in Silk coordinates with the client as to arrangement delivery. The new season arrangement is put in place and the previous season design is taken away. The arrangement always looks fresh and complements the décor. Often we’re asked if the design is real. Both staff and clients benefit from the new eye-catching and unique design, bringing an upscale presence to the business. 

Certainly one could purchase arrangements and put them out each season change, however, storing the designs, cleaning them, and the lack of newness pose a problem. Not to mention the cost of each design. The Platinum Lease Service is much less than purchasing an arrangement, and incredibly less than deliveries of fresh flowers.  

The Platinum Leasing Service requires a one year agreement to get started. Four payments throughout the year coincide with the seasonal arrangement change. A special benefit for the client of the Synergy in Silk’s leasing service is the discounted purchase price. At the end of the season, a client may purchase the arrangements for 50% off the lease price. For example, if the lease price is $200, the client purchase price would be $100. This is for an arrangement that would normally sell for approximately $400 retail.  Clients love this program. Leasing is great for businesses that like the “Wow” factor and enjoy savings to the bottom the line. 

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