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Wednesday, January 25 2017

Before venturing into this blog, please know writing is not my strong skill. I did, however, promise myself that for better or worse, I will write a blog every month in an effort to pass on knowledge to my friends who are looking to know more about silk floral design and the arrangements I create.  Thank you for your readership (not sure if that is a word; hope you know what I mean).  


Going Green

Dear Friends,

How do you feel when you look out the window and see nothing but brown grass and sticks to bushes?  I know in my neighborhood if it weren't for the house colors, we'd have no color at all. And often that translates into the house as well. But no worries, this month's blog on "Going Green" is not the environmental green, but more on the color green and it's array of green colors. I know you're thinking how can green be colorful,  but think about mixing different shades of green.  Especially in a silk floral arrangement where there are variegated varieties of greenery. The foliage colors, shapes and textures, and the design itself can produce real eye-catching green arrangements.

For example, if you want to keep your look fresh and in season, going with a silk greenery arrangement serves an  Over the Top Creations in Braselton GA, is the Interior Designer that ordered this arrangement to complement the picture and candles. All three together create a beautiful vignette where the focal point is the picture. The candles and the arrangement are there for added spice and balance.  Now, if you look closely at the arrangement you'll see why this silk greenery arrangement is more than meets the eye: notice the glam in the lime green crystals, the freshness with the long-preserved grasses, the colors of the different silk greenery, and the texture with the different green leaves.all season design niche. Here's what I mean. Regina Kindleberger, Owner of



at end of blog special offer, If you've got a bit of design flair and some decor items stashed in hutches, under counters, in closets, etc., it's fun to take them out and see how you might incorporate them into your decor to create little vignettes around your home. You can do it for example with a chair, lamp, side table, books, and a silk greenery arrangement (see  Check it out for inspiration.) Imagine your setting a scene in a movie where you need all the pieces in this small vignette to complement one another. When you go into stores like Pottery Barn, they usually have small vignettes set up to help sell their merchandise. A dining table set with silverware, plates, candles, centerpiece and glasses; a sofa with coffee table and silk arrangement, throw blanket and pillows, etc.

Another source of inspiration is found in decor magazines. They'll show a vignette of a kitchen, living room or office space. Notice how they all have a beautiful (silk) arrangement or greenery plant. That's the key to the vignette always looking fresh. It's also an easy way to bring that fresh look into your own home.  To me, going green with a silk floral arrangement creates a warm and fresh feeling even in winter. Going green can be a great way to enjoy the winter months in style.

To help inspire you to go green with a silk arrangement  I'm offering you a 15%  discount on any new greenery arrangement ordered now through  March  15, 2017.  That's a great deal! Call or email me, and say "I  want 15% off a greenery arrangement per the January blog". That's all you have to do. Why not call today? And don't forget to tell a friend. 

Thank you for reading January's blog. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a bit about going green the silk floral way. As always I'm here to help and answer questions that you might have. Please feel free to contact me at (770) 945-3601 or by email at Have a great January.


Yours sincerely,

Sharon Norris


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